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Muhammad Rizwan Life Story And Struggles Which He Faced

Muhammad Rizwan, the wicketkeeper-batsman of the national cricket team, is now one of the greatest batsmen in the world of cricket. In the last few years, he has worked so hard on his batting that he is getting the reward today in the form of a big score.

Mohammad Rizwan has reached the fourth position in the T20 batsmen’s rankings, after which it seems that no one can stop him from coming to the first position.

Today, will take a look at some important things about Muhammad Rizwan that his fans do not know. Another special thing about him is that Mohammad Rizwan has increased the number of his followers in a very short time.

Mohammad Rizwan gave an interview to a web channel in which he talked about his difficult days before coming to cricket.

Mohammad Rizwan said that the reason for his always smiling is that the world is a place where there is both happiness and sorrow, so why not share more happiness.

He said that he and his grandfather loved cricket and no one at home liked cricket. Mohammad Rizwan said that he loves cricket very much.

Wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan said that once his uncle told him that Rizwan, if you need money, I can sell it to you and I still remember that. Mohammad Rizwan said that his uncle used to tell him that there was no money in cricket.

Mohammad Rizwan said that I do not belong to a very large family but I am a member of an ordinary family. Praise be to Allah.

“My grandfather was very supportive of me and he brought me a TV so I could watch cricket on it,” he said.

Continuing his story, Mohammad Rizwan said that I had sold the TV and after that I had given the money to the head of my cricket academy. “My head called me a grapper,” he said.

Mohammad Rizwan said he once went to see the Arbab Niaz Stadium with his friends. For the first time they did not see the stadium because the gate of the stadium was very small from the outside. But later someone signaled to him that this was the entrance to the stadium. “I went inside with my friends and saw the Arbab Niaz Stadium from inside,” he said.

Muhammad Rizwan said that when we reached inside, the ground man came there and asked what are you doing here? So I told him that I had come to see the ground and he slapped me from behind and told me to get out of here after which my friends had made a lot of fun of me.

In response to a question, Mohammad Rizwan said that nothing has changed in me. All have to go to the same grave, all rich and poor are one.

Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan said that care should be taken to use the honor bestowed by God in such a way that the star on our chest is not tarnished.



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