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Muneeb Butt Latest Statement About Aiman Khan

Actor Muneeb Butt has said that his wife Aiman Khan is away from the screen of her own free will while he did not put any pressure on her.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt got married in November 2018 and they had a daughter Amal Khan in August 2019.

The duo is much appreciated and both are popular in the showbiz industry but after marriage, Ayman Khan is less seen on screen than in the past.

Aiman Khan may be a bit far from the screen due to the birth and upbringing of a baby girl soon after marriage, but there are also rumors that she has been stopped from work by her husband.

However, in a recent interview with BBC Urdu, Muneeb Butt made it clear that he did not stop his wife from working, nor did he put any pressure on her in this regard, but decided to stay away from the screen. Ayman Khan has his own.

He said that to this day he has never asked his wife to work or told her not to work but he supports every decision of his wife.

According to Muneeb Butt, as a husband, it is his responsibility to obey his wife and act with mutual consent, but it is also true that he does not put any pressure on his wife.

He complained that because of Aiman Khan’s own decisions, people were considering him a villain.

Speaking in the interview, he also spoke about the recent marriage of his sister-in-law Minal Khan and said that people compare Minal and Ahsan Mohsin with him and Aiman Khan which is not correct.

Comparing Ahsan Mohsin Ikram with himself, Muneeb Butt expressed anger and said that one out of every three people in Pakistan has a habit of interfering in the houses and affairs of others and setting them on fire.

During the interview, Muneeb Butt also spoke about the issue of giving less opportunities or less roles to men in dramas and said that it is true to some extent that the roles of men in dramas are less or they do not have important roles. Given

The actor argued that since dramas are mostly watched by women, the roles of women in dramas are more and their roles are also important.

According to Muneeb Butt, since most women in Pakistan watch dramas, every actor has 8 out of 10 female fans.

He also talked about his excessive use of social media and claimed that he is in real life just like he is on social media and does not like to show off.

Muneeb Butt also said that actors are targeted on social media as an excuse, because actors are the easiest target.



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