Monday, December 25, 2023

Muneeb Butt Making Fun Of What Happened Last Night In Worldcup

Leading actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Muneeb Butt has released a satirical message for both the teams on social media after the match between India and Afghanistan in the T20 World Cup.

Muneeb Butt said in a message released on the social networking site Twitter, “Inshallah! Both the bribe-giver and the bribe-taker will not make it to the semi-finals.

The actor also used the hashtag ‘fix match’ in his tweet.

In his next tweet, addressing the Indian cricket team and the Afghan Cricket Board, he said, “The winners of the defeat are called actors and the losers are called artisans.”

It is to be noted that the Group 2 match between India and Afghanistan in Super 12 which took place two days before the T20 World Cup was termed as ‘fixed’ by social media users.

In the match between Afghanistan and India in Abu Dhabi in T20 World Cup 2021, some such incidents took place due to which the users were forced to declare the match as fixed.

Muneeb Butt appeared on a web show and revealed during the conversation that his watches had been stolen from a drama set recently aired on private TV.

The actor said that he had two branded watches and both of them disappeared from the shooting set. I asked the assistant in the morning and he said that both the watches were not there.

Muneeb Butt said that we did a lot of investigation and found the watches but the person who stole the watches was neither from our team nor from the production, he was from the location and when we found out that the watches This person was not present at the time of the theft.

The actor added that when we called him, the man was present at the President to sell me one of his watches. We asked him if he had sold it. Ask my brother if he will kill me.

Muneeb Butt said that the man returned the watches to me and explained that it was all wrong.



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