My Mother Got Kidnapped Thrice Zoya Nasir Revealed Secretes About Mother

Major highways like motorways are not safe for women in Pakistan in any way, sometimes an embarrassing incident is heard, sometimes someone’s rape, theft incidents are very common.

It hurts when a common man does all these things, but when he comes across celebrities, it is surprising that he could not be safe from it.

Recently, actress Zoya Nasir, who is the daughter of well-known writer, film story and dialogue writer Adib Nasir, appeared on New TV along with actor Junaid Khan in which show host actor Noman Ijaz, where she had a career and other engagements with Zoya.

During the show, the actress said: “My mother has been abducted from the motorway three times. Me and Mama are very scared of the motorway. They would take us to a deserted area and then leave them there. A few days ago, I was returning from shooting with my fellow actress when a robber with three swords stopped our car.

I was upset and completely frightened, I didn’t understand anything and I started screaming, it was good that the robber ran away from there, no one is safe here.

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