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Nabeel’s Daughter Is Grown Up And She Is Performing Role in Famous Drama

Nabeel Zafar jan, a popular actor in the Pakistani showbiz industry, is one of the best and most successful actors in the media industry who started his dramatic career in the 90’s and achieved many successes.

Nabeel Zafar had a passion for acting since childhood and it was his dream to appear on the television screen. Actor and producer Nabil completed his education and pursued his goals and dreams.

He is best known for his comedic role in the blockbuster drama series ‘Bulbuly’. Born on September 1, 1968 in Toba Tek Singh, Nabil Zafar spent his early life in Faisalabad where he grew up. No one in his family is in the showbiz.

Nabeel Nabeel Zafar’s wife is an ordinary woman who is not part of the showbiz industry. In a program, Nabil revealed that he had first met his wife in Glasgow, adding that she had come to him for an autograph, and that he had asked for her phone number. Later, the affair started and Nabil asked her to marry him.

The couple had 2 sons and 1 daughter Fatima Nabeel. The daughter’s name is Fatima and she is the same girl who is playing the role of Silver in the drama serial Bulbuly. This girl has grown up now. Nabil loves his daughter Fatima very much.



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