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Nadia Khan Told About Cheap Market Where You Can Buy Dresses Even In 100 Rupees

Nowadays wedding dresses are a thing of the past, even ordinary lawn dresses have become so expensive that they are beyond the purchasing power. In such a situation, Nadia Khan reached a market where only 800 sewn shirts can be found. Isn’t that surprising?

Designers also shop here

The market that Nadia Khan visited in her C-log is called “Ashiana Market” which is located right in front of Forum Mall in Karachi. Not only beautiful and cheap fabrics of Missouri and Raw silk can be found here, but also Malai lawn stitching was available for only 800 rupees.

Nadia bought a beautiful stitch for a thousand rupees. According to the shopkeeper, doing the same will be very expensive from any mall and those who sell expensive clothes by designers and boutiques buy cheap clothes from here.

Different variety

In Ashiana Market, there is a variety of clothes from wedding to home wear. Besides, surprisingly, stretchable cloth is also available here at cheap prices, in the market of which tights etc. are available. By buying this fabric you can make street paints or anything and it will not be afraid to explode from the knees. There are also many jewelery shops in Ashiana Market.



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