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Nasir Jamshid Marrige Photos With Wife

In the spot-fixing scandal, suspended opening batsman Nasir Jamshed got into another trouble and his differences with his wife Dr Samra Afzal came to the fore. However, his wife has denied the separation.

Cricketer Nasir Jamshed suspended by Pakistan Cricket Board in spot-fixing scandal Didn’t even know that his personal life began to crumble.

This was reinforced when Nasir Jamshed’s wife said in her tweet that relationships are broken but life should continue.

While some people sympathized with him and consoled him on this tweet, some also found out the reason for breaking up with him but Sumera did not reply to any tweet.

However, he later clarified his tweet, saying that he did not know where the media got the news that there was a divorce between me and Nasir. This is bad news.

It may be recalled that after the spot-fixing scandal came to light, Nasir Jamshed’s wife had come out openly in support of her husband and had also threatened to take the accused to court.

Sumera Afzal, wife of cricketer Nasir Jamshed, who was convicted by a British court in a spot-fixing case, has said that this is the most difficult day of her life. They will learn other lessons. She said that no one has gone through the hardships we have been in for the last three years. A lot of dialectic but this.

He took the shortcut and lost everything, including career, status, honor and freedom, and then there was the possibility that he would get British citizenship and play county cricket, but he missed that chance.

Sumera Afzal said that Nasir Jamshed could have done something to change the time and he would not have lost all this especially his daughter, whom he was very close to but now it is too late. I hope all cricketers will follow this example to avoid corruption. An international cricketer can probably earn more than a doctor like me but I do not understand why he gets involved in this corruption.



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