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Nida Yasir Some Clicks Without Makeup

A clip of a show by Nada Yasir, the host of the morning show, circulating on Twitter in Pakistan all day on Saturday, in which she asks two engineer boys about a Formula One car, she doesn’t understand the difference between Formula One and Formula One. And so #Nadayasar became a top trend on Twitter.

In this regard, we contacted Nida Yasir and tried to find out from him about this dispute.

Nida Yasir, host of ARY Digital’s morning show, told The Independent Urdu that the clip is about six to seven years old and she has no idea how it suddenly appeared and then went viral.

He said he was not on Twitter and found out that it was viral from another source.

Nida Yasir said, “I am laughing myself after watching this clip. It seems ridiculous to me too. It was a mistake and I am laughing at this mistake and I will try my best to talk after doing full research.” ۔ ‘

“It’s so old that they don’t even remember exactly what happened. If I did, I could tell you what happened, what the problems were, what happened.” She is asking questions like ignorant people.

Nida Yasir says, “I am very proud of the fact that I have done thousands of very good shows, the feedback of which is very good, but nothing that is said in them is ever viral, and this thing I am very sad.

Pakistan’s most popular host and actress Nida Yasir has said that she thought of quitting the morning show after the death of her mother-in-law.

Nida Yasir revealed in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation that “there was a time in his life when he decided to leave the Morning Show.” I took a leave of absence from work on which the producer of my morning show aired my old show.

The host said, “Then someone tagged my husband Yasir on the show and said that your mother has passed away and your wife is showing off her shopping at the Morning Show.” I told Yasir that this is a year old show, look at how people keep on spying. ‘ I thought of leaving. ‘

The host added, “In normal life, your mistakes are forgiven, but in the showbiz industry, if something goes wrong, our audience does not forgive us quickly.” Hosting a Morning Show on V Channel.



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