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Noman Ijaz Memorable Clicks With Family

Pakistan showbiz industry senior actor Noman Ijaz is ready to come on screen again after a long hiatus with Atiqa Odho.

Noman Ijaz has shared his new photo with Atiqa Odho on photo and video sharing app Instagram.

The photo shared on Instagram looks like a project of Noman Ijaz and Atiqa Odho.

The actor wrote in the caption of his post, addressing Atiqa Odho, “It is an honor to work with someone who is not only a beautiful artist but also a beautiful person.”

It takes time for a person to create his own image: Noman Ijaz

“I hope this reunion brings magic to the screen,” he wrote.

On the other hand, Atiqa Odho also shared her selfie with Noman Ijaz on her Instagram account and said that “she is starting a new project with the actor which will be aired on a private TV channel.”

“It’s always fun to work with Noman Ijaz,” said Atiqa Odho.

The senior actress also said that “her and Noman Ijaz’s drama will be aired in December this year.”

Fans are excited to see Noman Ejaz and Atiqa Odho together on screen again.

It should be noted that Noman Ejaz and Atiqa Odho have worked together in many dramas and in the past their duo was also very much liked.

Pakistan’s senior actor Noman Ijaz in his message released on social media says that this world is such that one who thinks is something else while speaking is the opposite.

On social media site Instagram, Noman Ijaz has posted a new photo of himself in which the actors are dressed in black and are looking down.

Noman Ijaz captioned this post with a poetic style which is meaningful as well as touching.

Noman Ijaz wrote, “I am completely confused about the reality of this world.”

The actor further wrote, “Don’t change yourself in the circle of the world, leave your caste as it is because ignorance is a blessing.”

It is to be noted that earlier Noman Ijaz had made a photo collage of some of his photos and shared it on Instagram. In the photos, the actor was wearing white shirt, black coat and goggles.

Noman Ijaz, while sharing the photo collage on Instagram, wrote, “The letter I wrote in the name of humanity, the postman is dead, asking for the address.”



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