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Noor Zafar Khan Found Her Dulha Posted On Instagram

Noor Zafar Khan is elder sister of one of the gorgeous lady of Pakistan showbiz industry Sarah Khan. Noor Zafar is very thin and beautiful her eyes attracts everyone and people loves her eyes. She posted on Instagram that she found her Dulha by setting in the lap of KFC cartoon but she says her crush is Tom Cruise.

Every beloved actress of Pakistan Aiza Khan eased the problem of emerging actress and Sara Khan’s sister Noor Zafar Khan.

Noor Zafar Khan shared a photo of himself on Instagram and asked his fans for help in captioning the photo.

While a large number of his fans started telling him captions on Noor’s post, his sisters Sara Khan and Aiza Khan also came to the field to solve his problem.

Sarah Khan did not give any advice to her sister but just commented that “think of the caption yourself”.

When Aiza Khan captioned Noor with the appropriateness of the photo, the fans were also surprised.

“When your crush starts following you on Instagram,” Aiza captioned the post.

At the suggestion of Aiza’s caption, Noor Zafar first laughed and then tagged his crush Tom Headliston and asked him to follow me.

Noor Zafar Khan, Sara Khan’s daughter Aliana’s favorite aunt

Pakistan’s beautiful actress Noor Zafar Khan has declared herself the favorite aunt of her sister and actress Sara Khan’s little guest.

Noor Zafar Khan has shared a new photo on his social media account Instagram in which he can be seen holding Sara Khan’s daughter Aliana in his lap.

The first glimpse of Sarah and Falak’s daughter on the scene.

Noor Zafar Khan has to write in the caption of this beautiful post that “Aliana’s favorite aunt, she loves Aliana.”

Noor Zafar Khan’s post is being praised by thousands of his fans as well as well-known actresses of the showbiz industry.



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