Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pakistan Celebrates Who Completely Changed Their Looks

When an artist starts acting in dramas and movies, his personality looks like a normal person, but then his personality changes so much that he is not at all recognizable by looking at the picture of his past. Come

Today we will see some old pictures of famous and well-known actresses of Pakistan.

1- Ayesha Omar
Ayesha Omar, a popular actress from the showbiz industry, joined Showbiz in 1999. She started her career as a model. Ayesha Omar is an actress and model as well as a good singer. When Ayesha Omar stepped into the drama industry, her face, hair style, make-up were all different. You see some old pictures of them down.

2- Saboor Ali
Famous Pakistani actress Saboor Ali also looked like a little girl at the beginning of her showbiz career. Sajal Ali’s sister Saboor Ali has shown the essence of acting in many popular drama serials. See their old photos.

3- Humayun Saeed
Famous showbiz actor Humayun Saeed has been in showbiz for many years. Everyone is impressed with his personality because he is very fit and young. Check out some old photos of actor Humayun Saeed to see what he looked like before.

4- Urwah Hussain
Actress Urva Hussain is a talented actress who has worked in various drama and film projects. She made her debut in 2012 in the drama serial Mary Ladley while in 2014 Urva appeared on the film screen. His younger sister Maura Hussain also belongs to Showbiz.



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