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Pakistan Celebrates Who Lost Family Members In 2021

The year 2021 has been really tragic for most of Pakistani Showbiz stars because they lost family members who were close to them. Nowadays, like everything else, the people also lived these gloomy experiences with these showbiz stars. They shared their anguish and feelings with their spectators and fans who brace them. The posts sharing such sorrowful news were spiritual and made the fans connect to their misery. Most of them told the fans and requested them for prayers when their loved ones. Others suddenly declared the upsetting and shocking news.

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan
Both talented sisters and very young anx they lost her father early in the year. Everyone knows about the famous actors of Pakistan showbiz industry Aiman Khan and Minal Khan that they are twins but very few people know how much difference there is in the age of these two sisters.

Everyone seems to be impressed with the acting skills of actor sisters Aiman Khan and Minal Khan, both of whom have millions of fans following on social media.

Nida Yasir
Sharing a photo with her mother on her Instagram account, Nida Yasir said in the caption, “Our lovely, strong and fighting mother left us alone, God willing.”

Early in 2021, Nada Yasir’s sister Sawira Pasha tweeted on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Sawira Pasha had appealed to the people to pray for her mother’s health and said that she was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

It may be recalled that last year, when Yasir Nawaz was on holiday with his family, his mother passed away.

Saad Qureshi
Actor Saad Qureshi’s mother passed away after falling victim to Corona.

According to the report, the actor reported the death of his mother on social media. He wrote that his mother had been undergoing treatment in the hospital for 56 days due to corona but could not recover. According to the actor, his mother passed away last morning.

It should be noted that Saad Qureshi had started his career with the drama serial Khuda and Mohabbat 2.

Arif Lohar
Legendary folk singer of Pakistan music industry Arif Lohar has released the first video message after the death of his wife.

In the message, the singer said that his wife had a sudden heart attack after which Allah called her to him on the 27th of Ramadan.

Arif Lohar recently released this video on social media accounts in which he is accompanied by his three sons.

Addressing the fans, Arif Lohar said that you have received immense love and prayers from the people, my loved ones and the artist community also expressed their sorrow.

He said that the video is to thank all the fans, my children pray for all of you and will remain, there is no hope of life when and when it will end.

Mishi Khan
Leading actress Mishi Khan has sent an emotional message to her fans after the death of her brother.

The actress’ brother Dr Muhammad Khawar Khan died of a heart attack at Chak Shehzad Hospital.

The actress said in her message that her brother was also suffering from several other ailments including code and lung infections and pneumonia.

In a video released on Instagram, the actress pleaded with her fans that if someone close to her is ill and she is saying something, her heart does not agree with anything, then please listen to her.



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