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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Pakistan Showbiz Stars Who Married Over 40’s

Forty years is an age where man has left behind the limits of his childhood and boyhood and becomes a little more serious about life. This is probably why marriages at this age are often successful. In this article we will mention the personalities of Pakistan who got married after the age of 40 and are now living a happy life.

1-Ali Azmat
Ali Azmat was the singer of Janoon Band which made a big splash in Pakistan in the 90’s. Ali Azmat, who traveled all over the world, decided to get married at the age of 40 and then ran away from Fareeha Khan, a beautiful and delicate actress. They got married and now have two lovely daughters.

2-Reema Khan
It would not be wrong to call Reema Khan the most famous actress in the Pakistani film industry. Reema also married Pakistani-American cardiologist Tariq Shehab at the age of 43 and said goodbye to showbiz and moved to the United States. Reema Khan has a son.

3-Naheed Shabbir
Naheed Shabbir, who started her career with PT dramas, married Naomi Khan in 2019. Naheed has 10 siblings and said, “I wanted my younger sister to get married first and now that she is happy with her married life, I decided to get married.”

4-Mahmood Aslam
Who doesn’t know Mahmood Sahib of Bubbles and Mahmood Aslam of real life? After divorcing his first wife, Mahmood Aslam married Amber Noshin for the second time at the age of 60. Amber has also acted in dramas and now has two daughters. While Mahmood Aslam also has a son Jibran Aslam before his marriage to Nosheen.

Anjuman was a famous actress of Punjabi films but after her marriage to Mobin Malik, she also said goodbye to showbiz and dedicated her life to domestic responsibilities and children. But after her husband died in an accident, the associations were once again alone. After raising single children for a few years, Anjuman married actor Lucky Ali for the second time at the age of seven. Anjuman’s dowry of Rs 2 lakh was kept in this marriage. Besides, a Honda car, two kanal house and twenty plots in Islamabad were also given as gifts by her husband.

6-Samina Ahmed
Samina Ahmed, who is over 70 years old, got married for the second time to Manzar Sehbai. There was no shortage of people at the wedding who were ridiculed by some for being too old. However, this is the first marriage of Manzar Sehbai and this elderly couple now looks very happy.



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