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Pakistani Showbiz Actress Who Married With Rich Personalities But Got Divorced

Pakistan Showbiz stars always prefer secure future. That’s why they choose to marry those celebrities who are financially strong. But sometimes decisions goes wrong and at the end they feel sad about their decision.

1-Reema Khan
Pakistan’s multiskilled actress Reema Khan who got married to American national Dr Tariq Shahab in Virginia, USA had avowed that her husband Dr Tariq Shahab was just ceremonial wedded eight years ago and sepreated from his wife.

Today Reema is living contentedly with her husband and she had a son too and she is away from showbiz industry. In her peak time she was one of the most watched lady on television.

2-Naveen And Azfar
Naveen Waqar is Wedded to Azfar Ali. Azfar was first married to another lady and after living thirteen years together, Azfar divorced her. Azfar have one daughter from her ex wife.After giving divorce to her ex partner, Azfar married Naveen Waqar. When Naveen Waqar got Wedded to Azfar, Naveen said:

“I was petrified before marrying to Azfar because I had thoughts in my mind that how would I make a better guardian relationship with Azfar’s first daughter (Fatima). But luckily, Fatima is satisfied with me and we both play and spend time like real mother and daughter. We used to enjoy movies and chill out together”.

Unlikely Last year Azfar divorced Naveen too for personal reasons.Now naveen is performing in dramas and wholly acting in showbiz industry.

3-Rabia Noreen
Famous Actress Rabia Noreen is the 2nd wife of Actor Abid and also the unreal mother of famous hot model Imam Ali and Rahma Ali.Abid Sahad married to Rabia after discontented his relationship with Humaira Chaudhry. Humaira is now acting in dramas and performing motherly roles , Iman is not pro active but her other sister Rehma desired to get good place in music industry.



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