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Pakistani Showbiz Celebrities Who Have Arranged Marriage

Pakistani Showbiz Stars who have arranged marrige. here is the list you can find your favourite actor’s marrying on their parents choice.

1-Fahad Mustafa
Fahad Mustafa’s youthful photo went viral on social media. Fahad Mustafa posted a memorable picture of his past on the social networking site Instagram, which suggests that The photo is of the actor’s college days.

Posting the photo on Instagram, Fahad Mustafa told his fans, “This is a photo of the days when he was 17 years old.”

How did Fahad Mustafa look at the age of 17?
Fahad Mustafa shared a memorable photo of Tariq Aziz

Seeing the picture of Fahad Mustafa’s youth, his fans did not remain silent and started commenting on the picture of the actor in the comments. A user named Halima Akhtar wrote that “you were very attractive and beautiful in your youth.”

2-Sara Khan
Singer Falak Shabbir and actress Sara Khan, who got engaged recently, tied the knot. Last night, pictures of their mothers were viral on social media. Now, marriage photos and videos are going viral on social media.

3-Feroz Khan
Feroz Khan attended a private TV show in which host Ahsan Khan asked questions about him and some statements about him.

The host asked the actor if Feroz Khan was a child and got married very soon. Is this true? Feroz Khan denied this and said that no, I should have got married sooner.

He said that marriage is an excellent learning process, marriage is not one but we should do more as our Prophet has done more.

4-Imran Ashraf
Leading actor of Pakistani drama industry Imran Ashraf told the fans who his queen is.

The actor, who gained fame for his lively performance in Hum TV’s blockbuster drama serial ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kar Di’, has declared his wife as his queen.

Imran Ashraf shared a photo of himself and his wife on Instagram, a photo and video sharing application (app) and also congratulated them on their marriage.

5-Areej fatima
Areej Fatima shared a post on Instagram in which she wrote that although I was born in the US, I have lived here with my parents for more than 35 years, I feel like I live in an Islamic country more than Pakistan. ۔

Areej Fatima wrote in the caption of the post that sensible people will find out to whom it has been directed.

There were various comments from users on this post of actress Areej Fatima.

Actress Areej Fatima was married in 2017 to a doctor named Uzair Ali from Michigan, USA, after which they are now living there with him.



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