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Pakistani Showbiz Stars Who Dreadful Serious Accidents

There are many events in the life of every human being that become a source of trouble for him for the rest of his life and they change his life. Today we will talk about those Pakistani actors whose body bones were broken in some accident and they are now living the same life.

1-Kubra Khan
Who doesn’t know the name of Kubra Khan, everyone is convinced of his acting and beauty. Recently he has revealed that many bones of his face have crumbled inside because he had an accident when he was 18 years old. As a result, the bone of the nose, the bone above the eye and the bone of the cheek were broken. To which she says that she is always afraid that something else will happen.

2-Ayesha Omar
In 2015, Ayesha Omar was traveling with Azfar Rehman on the Hyderabad Highway when she had a very bad road accident in which Ayesha Omar’s neck bone was broken and one of her hands was badly affected. The bone is healed, but his wound is a little longer than the other. And even today there is a big difference in the length of both her hands and she is living with it. And Azfar Rehman suffered several injuries to his head and body, but he soon recovered.

3-Jawariya Abbasi
Jawariya Abbasi was involved in a horrific car accident in the year 2000 which caused severe injuries to her entire body and she also underwent several surgeries as many bones of her body were completely broken but God Almighty gave her health. And she was fine. But even today, the scars on his body are clear.

4-Momal Khalid
Momal Khalid’s life took a big hit when she was traveling on the road with her fianc when her car collided with another car, as a result of which both of them were severely injured but Momal Khalid’s hand was broken and Minor injuries came but her fianc شاہ Shahzeb Magsi lost the battle of life and death and went to the brink of death. This accident proved to be a big blow for actress Momal Khalid and with the same shock she has been winning for many years.

5-Hareem Farooq
Beautiful actress and model Hareem Farooq has said in a number of interviews that she was seriously injured in a recent car accident and in order to recover as soon as possible, she started eating good food. Don’t give the body energy to make them fat and that’s why I recovered very quickly and my weight started falling very fast. And so this accident, if it hurts me, it benefits me.



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