Thursday, April 18, 2024

“Parizad” And Yumna Zaidi Broken All The Records Of Popularity On Internet

Pakistani actress Yemeni Zaidi is seen as a top trend on Twitter across Pakistan today due to her perfect talents and lively acting.

These video clips and pictures are from the last episode of the drama ‘Peri Zaad’ which ended yesterday with actress Yemeni Zaidi.

In this episode, Yemeni Zaidi is being appreciated by the consumers for his acting and lively performances.

Pakistani drama serial Preezadeh, thanks to her brilliant script and lively acting, has raised the flag of success not only the people and properties of Pakistan but also abroad, an example of which is Sonam Bajwa, actress of Indian Punjabi films. There are those who look crazy about this drama.

Sonam Bajwa praised actor Ahmed Ali Akbar, who played the lead role on Instagram, and described his performance in the play as “extraordinary”.

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Upon receiving the compliments from the Indian actress, the “Parizaad” did not even bother and said, “Oh my God, thank you very much.”

Even before this, many Pakistani and Indian actors have also praised the performance of Ahmed Ali Akbar. Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is happy to see actor Ahmed Ali Akbar receiving international acclaim, she said in a tweet.

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has bridged the gap of praise for drama serial Parizad.

In one of her messages, Mahira Khan said that she will soon start watching fairy tales. She congratulates the entire team for making such a good play. He was delighted to learn that the play had received worldwide acclaim.

Mahra Khan further said that the talent of Ahmad Ali Akbar and Shehzad Kashmiri was recognized at the international level which is a cause of great joy. Other actors and crew members also did a great job in the play.



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