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Pashto Actress Nabila Khan Last 20 Year Life Story

Some actresses leave their careers at the height of their career and leave a question mark such was the name of Nabila Khan. Pashto actress Nabila Khan started her artistic career on radio. She hails from Rawalpindi And she acted in many famous dramas including successful dramas like Hisar, Basat.

Nabila Khan belonged to a family where she was the eldest of four siblings and her father wanted her to become a doctor, but Nabila Khan was obsessed with showbiz. She was often a Pashto actor Jahangir She used to go to Khan’s theater and had a big fan .so she got married to actor Jahangir Khan with whom she had three children two daughters and a son.

Nabila Khan’s eldest daughter is married and a barrister, she lives in the United States, her second son Sujawal Khan has also stepped into the world of acting and youngest daughter Areej is still in ninth grade.

When Nabila Khan was at the height of her career, the children were very young and it was her decision to either give life to the showbiz or make the children capable. She made the same decision that would beautify every mother. Yes she dedicated herself to the children and moved to Dubai later.

In Dubai, he opened a parlor in the name of his youngest daughter a few years later and did a good job. After that, there were many ups and downs in his life. Nabila Khan came to Pakistan in 2014 and opened two parlors. Later, he stepped back into the world of acting.

She thought that everyone must have forgotten her but it was not like that she remembered everyone, she acted in Imran Ashraf’s drama ‘Inkar’ then she came in many other dramas in which “Dil Tanha Tanha”, first love, then I become a dream and still many plays are included in the list.

With her return twenty years later, Nabila Khan proved that people in the showbiz industry never forget those who do good work.



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