Photos: Shehzeen Rahat And Shoaib Lashari Are Officially Married Now

Shehzeen Rahat is considered as a young and emerging actress of Pakistan. She is currently pursuing a career in showbiz and is entertaining people with her acting. She is brilliant and acted like a top star in many Pakistani dramas.

It would not be wrong to say in praise of this girl that she can perform all kinds of negative and positive supporting roles on TV with great skill and ease.

If the age of Shehzeen Rahat is mentioned in the year 2022, then she has turned 28 years old. And this girl has set a new tradition in the showbiz industry by getting married at a young age. Otherwise, there are many actresses in Pakistani showbiz industry who do not think of getting married even after reaching the age of 40.

Shehzeen Rahat, a well-known actress of showbiz industry, who got married last year, has passed away.

Actress Shehzeen Rahat, who played the role of Sara Ali Khan in Geo Entertainment’s super hit drama serial ‘Khani’, shared beautiful photos of her wedding day on photo and video sharing app Instagram.

Shehzeen Rahat chose a purple matching wedding dress on the special day of her wedding while her fianc appeared in traditional white Balochi dress.

The actress wrote in the caption of her post that please! May allah speak

The beautiful photos shared by Shehzeen Rahat on her Instagram account have received thousands of likes and prayers so far.

Apart from this, other photos and videos of Shehzeen Rahat’s Barat ceremony are also going viral on social media.

It should be noted that Shehzeen Rahat is a rising Pakistani actress who has shown the essence of acting as a supporting actress in various dramas of Pakistan Showbiz Industry.

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