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Popular Actress Nadia Jamil’s Father Passes Away

Nadia Jamil is fierce, bold and beautiful. She is a very big star and she is loved for her roles in dramas but her role in the society as an activist and a philanthropist is what inspires millions.

Nadia Jamil has always stood against child abuse and she has done her part in bringing awareness to a topic that is still considered taboo in society. She just fought cancer and showed the world how hair or no hair, she is beautiful and her courage is infectious. Nadia Jamil’s love for her family and friends is always visible and she never shies away from expressing her emotions.

Nadia Jamil’s parents are a source of courage for her and she has shared this many times on her social media. But today is a very sad day for the star as she has lost her father whom she had appealed for prayers a few days ago.

Nadia shared a picture with her beloved father and shared the sad news on her Instagram.

Nadia Jamil’s Father Passes Away

Here is Nadia’s announcement:

May Allah grant sabar to Nadia Jamil and her family in this sad time and may He grant her father a place in Jannah!



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