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Rakhi Sawant Accepted Islam And Kalma Reciting Video

Rakhi Sawant got married to her close friend Adil yesterday, after which the pictures and videos went viral on social media and people raised the question whether Rakhi really accepted Islam.

Till yesterday there was no clear evidence of Rakhi’s conversion to Islam in the videos. But in the latest video, it can be seen that Rakhi accepted Islam after reciting the kalma and at the time of marriage Imam Sahib is also teaching her other Islamic prayers. Watch the video:

After this video came out, the Indian media has been in a frenzy and various social media pages are circulating such videos in which it is being told that Rakhi got married 7 months ago and now it is time to divorce Adil too. While officially Rakhi Sawant has not shared any news of divorce or separation, however, she shared the wedding pictures and videos on her personal account and wrote that I am happy in my married life with Adil. .

Bollywood dancer and reality television star Rakhi Sawant is currently dating a Bangalorean Muslim entrepreneur and model Adil Khan.

The Krazzy 4 star was recently captured in Hijab inspired dresses. She also stated in an interview that soon she’ll be tying the knot with Khan and will completely stop wearing revealing dresses because it’s not allowed in Islam.

This statement of the Bigg Boss alum has started a debate on social media about Sawant’s religious beliefs. Rakhi earlier converted to Christianity from Hinduism in the mid-2000s.

Although Rakhi is culturally secular and practices rituals of all religions.

Although some youtube channels are claiming that she has already converted to Islam, but that is not factual.

Rakhi Sawant change her Religion from hindu to Muslim! Rakhi Sawant Shocking look in Hijab – YouTube
In an interview, the dancing diva revealed that Adil has gifted her a BMW car and a lavish home in Dubai. “Adil has bought a house in Dubai in my name. The other day, he’d gifted me a BMW. But frankly, my treasure is his love. His love is true. He is a loyalist. He is very serious about me, else which guy introduces his love so early to his family?”,

Rakhi Sawant On Her Boyfriend, Adil Khan, Their 6 Years Age Difference And Receiving A BMW
She recently traveled to Dubai to meet Adil’s family members, which signals the fact that their relationship is just getting more serious by the day.

The Main Hoon Na diva, who returned back in the limelight of the entertainment business through her participation in Salman Khan’s Big Boss season 15, is said to be completely smitten by her new boyfriend.

Earlier this year she announced her separation from ex-husband Ritesh Singh via social media post. In her statement, the actor had said that she was ‘really sad and heartbroken’. It was during Bigg Boss 15 show when Rakhi had introduced Ritesh for the first time on national television.

Ever since the news of her wedding came into the picture fans were quite excited to see who her husband is. Later when Ritesh and Rakhi entered Bigg Boss 15, fans could not keep calm as finally the mystery around her husband was lifted. But after being together and facing so many ups and downs the couple has parted ways. Today in an Instagram post, Rakhi shared a long note announcing her separation.

In a press interaction, Sawant stated that she is munching on sweet delicacies in depression after her husband left her.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Rakhi Sawant shared a post and wrote, “Dear fans and well-wishers, Just wanted to say that Ritesh and I have decided to part ways. After the Bigg Bos show a lot has happened and I was unaware of certain things which were out of my control. We have tried to work out our differences and tried to make things work but I think it’s best we both move on amicably and we both enjoy our lives separately. Im really sad and heartbroken that this had to happen before Valentine’s Day but the decision had to be made. I wish Ritesh the best in life for me at this stage in life I have to focus on my work and my life and keep myself happy and healthy. Thank you for understanding and supporting me always!”

Speaking with Times of India, Rakhi said crying, “He left me! I loved him so much and he left me. After Bigg Boss a few weeks ago, we started living together in my house in Mumbai, but yesterday he packed his bags and left. He said that he is in legal trouble because he didn’t divorce her first wife and now he doesn’t want to live with me anymore. He said that he lost a of money also in his business as he had to go through a lot of scrutiny after he entered the Bigg Boss house with me.” She added that her heart broke as after coming out of the Bigg Boss house she got to know that he already has a wife and a kid. Rakhi further said the she is trying to come to terms with the fact that everything has ended.



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