Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Reality Behind Imran Abbas And Ushna Shah Issue

Actors Imran Abbas and Ashna Shah, who congratulated each other on their own marriage on social media, could not completely surprise their followers that both of them got divorced.

Marriage and then just a week apart Ashna is not a violent and divorcing society but a YouTube channel called Tele Express.

Because this picture is of the wedding of actress Ayman Khan and Muneeb Butt in which Ashna and Imran’s faces were fixed and their shop was brightened.

The one minute 25 second video was uploaded on YouTube channel ‘Tele Express’ on May 18 and has been viewed by 122 people so far and it is surprising that the video also reached Ashna Shah.

But the latest news may not have reached them as their wedding, which took place a week ago, ended just an hour ago.

In this latest video shared in today’s date, the woman is claiming in her live commentary on YouTube that the actress was left homeless before she left home because Imran Abbas divorced her before she left.

The video says that the two got married secretly, Imran Abbas’s mother had kicked them out of the house after which they secretly divorced Ashna, the actress could not control her emotions after the divorce and everyone was crying on social media. He said that I want justice, everyone should follow Imran Abbas.

It is a testament to the trust of the channel’s operators who have taken screenshots of dramas and made spicy news in a cycle of making money from fabricated swatches and not only Ashna or Imran, but also fake news about several other showbiz stars on the Tele Express.

In the screenshots of the top videos, besides “Manal Khan got engaged without family and Aiman, Aiman ​​is still alive”, masterpieces like “Manal reached in-laws before marriage, cooked and ate with Ahsan, mother-in-law is very angry” can also be seen.



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