Sunday, December 24, 2023

Saba Qamar Adorable Pictures With Romeo

Saba Qamar posted a video on Instagram account. In which she mentioned got her Romeo holding a dog arms. She Look very happy having dog on her bed.

Leading actress Saba Qamar has told fans the reason for not getting married yet.

Saba Qamar shared a story on Instagram in which she wrote a question asked by people.

Someone asks me why you are still single?

Answering this question, Saba said, “I don’t want the daily tension in this four-day meditation cycle.”

Screenshots of the actress’ story are going viral on social media platforms, while fans are calling the response the reason why the actress has not got married yet.

It should be noted that in March this year, actress Saba Qamar had confirmed that she was going to marry a blogger named Azeem Khan, but a few days later, the actress refused to marry due to personal reasons.

Pakistani actress and model Saba Qamar has announced that she is not married to Azeem Khan. In a long message to her fans in her Instagram post, she gave various personal reasons for withdrawing her marriage decision.

However, Azeem Khan says that Saba “did not write the story on my behalf, yes it is my fault”.Azeem Khan is an expatriate.

They did not say anything about the personal reasons, but how did the matter come to this point? Allegations of doing so appear to have surfaced.



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