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Saboor Aly Decent Look In Red Color Saree

Saboor Aly was born into a normal family, but her father abandoned them to seek a new life. Her siblings and she were raised by a single mother. Saboor Aly mother, Firdous Ali was a strong homemaker who bravely cared for her children till she died in 2017 from the fatal disease Cancer.

Saboor Aly is the sister of one of the country’s most accomplished young stars, Sajal Aly. Sajal entered the showbiz industry before Saboor and paved the way for her sister’s debut.

Actress Saboor Aly of the drama serial Mushkil is busy building her fame day by day due to her talent and acting passion. And she is currently the center of attention on social media as her life and pictures are discussed a lot. A special thing about this actress is that she doesn’t care about people and tries to listen to their words and their bad comments from one ear and out the other.

27-year-old Saboor Aly got married to actor Ali Ansari a few months ago. The marriage of both of them was held in Karachi with great fanfare and it was at this wedding that people came to know that there is something wrong between Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly because he did not come to his sister-in-law’s wedding. No one could know the reason for their divorce, but now they have parted ways.

After marrying Saboor Aly, Ali’s fame has increased immensely and he is also getting more opportunities to act in TV dramas. Otherwise, while he was living a single life, he was busy developing his career and not many people liked or recognized his acting. And one thing you might be surprised to know is that Ali Ansari is Mariam Ansari’s younger brother. And his sister is married to the elder son of former Pakistan cricketer and captain Moin Khan.

In today’s article, we will see that Saboor Aly has once again won everyone’s hearts. She came to the Lux Style Awards 2022 ceremony wearing a beautiful outfit and managed to win the admiration of people. Wearing a red ensemble, the actress looked as if she had descended from heaven. On the other hand, Saboor’s husband Ali was seen in a traditional three-piece suit and was also busy striking a romantic pose with his wife. And this red dress of Saboor Aly is made by famous Pakistani designer Hussain Rehar.

If you guys also want to see photos of Pakistani actress Saboor Aly and her husband attending the Lux Style Awards 2022 ceremony, then check out below.

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