Monday, April 22, 2024

Sadaf Kanwal Attended Nasmiya Sheikh Marriage Function With Husband

Saleem Sheikh is a skilled actor from Pakistan. His excellent acting has helped him win people over for a number of years. His younger brother Javed Sheikh is not widely known. Of course, acting is ingrained in this family’s DNA. And it appears that members of their progeny will work in the entertainment sector as well.

Saleem Sheikh has not recently appeared in any new Pakistani movies. The actor seemed to be enjoying himself and to have had his fill of acting. The launch of Saleem Sheikh’s YouTube page, where he updates his admirers on his daily activities, is one of the best developments. And a lot of people are interested in the family content that Saleem produces.

In 1999, Saleem Sheikh married Nosheen Sheikh, beginning his true life. He had three children after being married, and they all resembled him in appearance. Additionally, Saleem Sheikh has stated in numerous interviews that he regards his daughters as sons. And for that reason, he never felt the urge to have a son.

However, the news that Pakistani actor Saleem Sheikh will wed his older daughter Nasmiya Sheikh and that her mayun’s photos are going popular on social media will be covered in today’s post. Shahroz Sabzwari, her cousin and an actor, shared this information with his followers through his Instagram account. Nasmiya, who is wearing a yellow mayun outfit, can be seen seated with Shahroz Sabzwari in one of the photos with Saleem Sheikh’s kid.



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