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Sadia Imam Mischievous Birthday Celebrations Are Greatly A Mood Booster

Actress Sadia Imam, who is considered as one of the popular actresses of the past, has broken her silence on the news of staying away from acting for a long time and leaving showbiz, saying that she did not quit acting.

News has been circulating on various showbiz websites and social media for several days that the well-known actress Saadia Imam said goodbye to showbiz at the request of her husband.

Sources in the viral news claimed that the actress’ husband did not want her to go to the showbiz again, so he distanced himself from the showbiz.

However, now the actress has said that she has not announced to say goodbye to showbiz.

Speaking to Sama Digital, Sadia Imam termed the rumors about her leaving Showbiz as false and said that she had not made any such announcement.

The actress said that her husband has never asked her to quit showbiz and she has not quit acting but she will soon be seen in action in a drama serial.

According to Sadia Imam, the news of her leaving the showbiz is being spread by her family, while her husband and family support her in maintaining her acting.

The actress said that recently her husband came to Pakistan from Germany only because she was busy shooting for the play and her daughter was alone.

The actress dismissed the notion that her husband and family were opposed to her working in showbiz.

The actress said that her drama will be aired soon but she declined to give further details about the drama and said that the shooting of the drama is going on.

It may be recalled that Sadia Imam was married to Adnan Haider of Pakistani origin in 2012 after which she moved to Germany.

After 2 years of marriage, the actress gave birth to her first child, a year after which she returned to Pakistan and started hosting a morning show on Sama TV in 2015, but later disappeared from the TV screen.

After the actress disappeared from the TV screen for a long time, the news that she quit acting went viral, but now she has called such news a lie.

Sadia Imam is considered as one of the famous actresses of 1990. She said, , Mamta, Colony 52, is now far away.



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