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Sahir Lodhi Stylish Photographer’s With Wife

Famous host of Pakistani showbiz Sahir Lodhi who is well received not only in Pakistan but all over the world. He has not only hosted TV shows but also started his artistic career by hosting a radio program and now he is a successful host. I haven’t met him in a long time. People repeatedly introduced him to his wife

He expressed his desire but his wife could not be seen on the screen till today. Sumi Nizami is from Houston, Texas, USA.

She received her early education at Elf Elsick High School, and her secondary education at Westbury High School, and graduated in 1997 from the University of Houston, Downtown. But recently, beautiful pictures of Sahir Lodhi with his wife Somi Nizami and daughter Zara Sahir Lodhi have come to light, so let’s see:

As the number of media channels in Pakistan is increasing, so is the atmosphere of competition between them. He could not be on the other side

Currently, the biggest source of income for Pakistani media is their morning shows, which not only watch a large number of women, but also increase the TRP of a large number of TV viewers. One of the most controversial hosts is Sahir Lodhi who is ready to do anything to increase the popularity of his program.

In the past, innocent girls have been featured in PEMRA for dancing to atomic songs and have been banned many times for doing controversial programs, but they still do something about it. Which shocks its audience

Recently, he invited a gentleman to his show and in the meantime, first he called his wife and then he also called his girlfriend with whom he had been making small marriage promises for ten years.

Sahir Lodhi When he presented his wife and girlfriend to him at the same time, the parrots flew away from him and instead of admitting his mistake, he started attacking his wife. Why is it on TV without permission?

But now viewers are not going to fall for these tactics of morning shows and they not only called this show of Sahir Lodhi a fake but also said that even before this this man could earn ten children alone in one morning show. He also appeared in the form of a father.

People are no longer ready to be fooled by these tactics, so the morning show owners should resort to the truth instead of lies so that people can see them.



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