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Sajal Aly, Bilal Abbas Khan leaves Fan in awe with their eye catching photoshoot

Jal Ali and Bilal Abbas appeared together for the first time in the drama serial and Rangreza. This on-screen duo was very successful.

Their on-screen chemistry made everyone love their pair. Sujal and Bilal later worked together independently on various projects, despite the fact that people desperately wanted to work together.

Famous film producers and directors Fiza and Nabil once again bought the most famous duo Sajjal and Bilal together and this time also on the big screen. Sajjal Ali and Bilal Abbas appeared together in the recently released film Khel Khel. Fans were happy to see Sajjal and Bilal together.

There were several promotional events where Sajjal and Bilal appeared together. The film has just been released and is getting a great response from the people. Sajjal Ali and Bilal Abbas recently appeared together for a magazine cover shoot. Sujal and Bilal’s fiery shoot surprised everyone. Let’s take a look at the pictures:

Leading Pakistani actor Bilal Abbas, while talking about his habit of using phone while shooting on the set of his co-star Sajjal Ali, said that Sajjal makes most phone calls to Ahad Raza Mir.

Accompanied by Ali in a private TV show. In the show, the host asked Bilal Abbas about Sajjal Ali, who Sajjal Ali calls and texts the most during the shoot on the set. Bilal Abbas, while answering this question, said that Sajjal’s calls, video calls, messages are all for Ahad Raza Meer only. On which Bilal Abbas said that Sajjal is always found talking to Uhud only on the phone.

Bilal Abbas is a well-known actor in Pakistan’s drama industry, and last month he won the Best Actor award for his play ‘Pyar Ke Sadqa’. And now five years later he is again working with Nabeel Qureshi and Fiza Ali Mirza’s film ‘Khel Khel Mein’ Sajjal. Bilal Abbas said, “I wanted to do the second film well and with full enthusiasm, because I did not like the reaction of the first film, so I turned to TV and when the people recognized me, I Bilal Abbas said, “I can’t do romance all the time. If I do romance in every project, I will be a victim of uniformity.”

Regarding his role in the film ‘Khel Khel Mein’, he said that there is nothing in his character that would have bothered him but no film or telefilm has been made in Pakistan about the fall of Dhaka because it is a sensitive subject in Pakistan.

And people are scared talking about it. He further said that director Nabil Qureshi and Fiza Ali Mirza usually make commercial films, but this time they have chosen this sensitive subject.

He said that he was satisfied because he was working with some of the best filmmakers in the Pakistani film industry. Bilal Abbas had done some research on the events of 1971. He said that he is never satisfied with his character, he also looks at his famous characters very closely so he does not get the status of satisfaction.



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