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Salman Faisal Separation News With Her Wife

Actor Salman Faisal, the son of actress Saba Faisal, who played a negative role in most of the dramas, explained the news of his divorce from his wife Neha Malik.

Salman Faisal and Neha Malik were married two years ago and recently when Saba Faisal shared a photo with her sons and daughters without a daughter-in-law, rumors spread that their daughter-in-law was divorced.

Saba Faisal had shared photos with her husband and other family members including daughter Sadia Faisal, son Salman and Arsalan on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha but her daughter-in-law was not seen in these photos.

Fans criticized Saba Faisal for the absence of Salman Faisal’s wife in the photos, calling her a real life villain like dramas and commenting that Neha Malik was divorced.

Although Saba Faisal also responded to people’s inappropriate comments, most people claimed that Salman Faisal’s sister and his mother divorced him because they could not stand the love marriage of Neha Malik.

After strong criticism from the people, rumors spread on social media that Salman Faisal and Neha Malik have separated and there are news of their divorce.

However, now Salman Faisal also clarified on such news and claimed that they were not divorced.

Many people advised Salman Faisal that now he should get out of his mother’s lap and support his wife, because she has left her parents’ house to marry and love him.

Some fans even shouted at him and wrote that men like you should not get married unless they know the rights of the wife and the importance of marriage.

Although Salman Faisal clarified that he was not divorced but his wife Neha Malik did not make any clear post in this regard but he had made a vague post on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha.

Neha Malik wrote in her vague post that man first loses the war in front of his thinking, when he thinks defeat is permanent it becomes permanent but when he thinks it is temporary then it is temporary Becomes.

He wrote without talking about his married life or family problems that if a person thinks that things will never get better, they are never right, but when he thinks things will get better, things start to get better. Become

Many people also commented on Neha Malik’s post and advised her to stay strong and leave her case to Allah.



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