Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sana Bucha Some Clicks With Legendary Cricketer Shahid Afridi

Leading cricketer Shahid Afridi closed the mouths of critics of model and actress Sana Bacha’s photo by addressing her as his sister.

The photo was circulating on social media the day before and was taken at Sana Bacha’s house. Sana had arranged a feast at her house and invited many personalities from the industry department.

Shahid Afridi was also among the guests. Several photos were also taken on the occasion but in one photo Sana Bacha was criticized on social media in which she is standing with Shahid Afridi.

People claimed that Afridi was standing in a very uncomfortable position in the picture and Sana Bacha was very close to him.

However, Shahid Afridi, while giving a clear answer to all the critics, addressed Sana Bacha as his sister.

He posted the same picture on the social networking site Twitter, calling Sana his sister and thanking her.

In response, Sana Bacha also addressed her as Lala (brother) in her tweet and said, ‘Although our blood is not one but there is nothing better than a person not only calling you his sister but also treating you. Do the same

Remember that Sana Bacha is a former anchor but now she is working in the film industry and is going to appear in a film as well as modeling.



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