Sunday, December 24, 2023

Sania Ashiq Marrige Photos Went Viral On Social Media

The long-awaited thing has finally come. Sania Ashiq also tied the knot. The girl’s wedding is being held in Lahore. One of the highlights of the wedding was the SOPs that were taken care of because of the coronavirus. And to attend this wedding, each guest was asked to attend the wedding hall until nine o’clock.

Here we are telling you that Sania Ashiq is a Pakistani politician and she has become a member of the Punjab Provincial Assembly since August 2018. And this girl belongs to Pakistan Muslim League (N), the largest party in Punjab. And Sania also has the honor of taking a seat in the Provincial Assembly at the youngest age of only 25 years.

Just a few days ago, a video of Sania Ashiq was also shared on social media in which it was said that she is Sania Ashiq. But when the forensic report of this video was made, it was revealed that it is not Sania’s video, it is someone else. Here we tell you another thing that Sania Ashiq has got a degree in Pharmacy-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) from the University of Punjab.

But in today’s article, we will see that PML-N MPA Sania Ashiq has become Abu Bakar’s bride today. Wearing a red bridal dress, she looks like a Barbie doll at her wedding. In this important wedding, the current chairman of PML-N Maryam Nawaz also attended the wedding wearing a red dress and wished Sania Ashiq and her husband Abu Bakar all the best. And there is no doubt that Maryam Nawaz looked like Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, the former chairman of PPP wearing red dress.

In the comment section below, you too will not forget to congratulate Sania Ashiq and her husband Abu Bakar on their marriage. Thanks!



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