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Sarwat Gilani Bold Photoshoot With Dashing Husband Fahad Mirza

Criticism of Pakistani showbiz personalities and especially actors for their bold photo shoots is nothing new.

And this time too, the actress Sarwat Gilani and her husband were criticized by the fans for having a bold photo shoot, but most of them wrote hate speech against the actress instead of the actor.

Fashion magazine Hello Pakistan shared a short video of Sarwat Gilani with her husband on Instagram and said that the actress and her husband have graced the cover of her January issue.

Although the January 2021 issue of Hello Pakistan has not yet been released online, photos and videos of the photo shoot of Sarwat Gilani and her husband have gone viral on social media.

The video was shared by actress Sarwat Gilani and her husband Fahad Mirza on their Instagram as well as the photos of the photo shoot.

In the short video, Sarwat Gilani can be seen in a bold and semi-nude western style dress while her husband is also seen smoking a cigar in a bold style.

The short video also shows the two in a very close romantic way.

The photos also show the two embracing in a romantic way and being very close to each other.

However, after the video and photos of the two came out, the fans got angry with them and many people termed their style as nudity and obscenity.

Critics of both were mostly women, who criticized Sarwat Gilani more than Fahad Mirza and called his style nudity.

Many people repented in the manner of both spouses and prayed that they would come to the right path.

Most of the people described their style as a copy of Western, Hollywood and Bollywood and reminded them that such styles are not a part of our society.

It may be recalled that even before this, in January last year, both of them were criticized by the fans when Fahad Mirza shared a picture of kissing his wife.

The photo of the kiss was taken in a European country, Rome, but when it was shared, it was severely criticized by the fans, calling it an act of nudity.

Later, Gilani, while giving a scathing reply to the critics of the photo, said that he is like that and he is not begging the fans to like him.

However, neither she nor her husband has responded to criticism of the recent photo shoot.

Remember that Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza got married in 2014 and this Fahad Mirza



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