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Secret Of Showbiz Stars Who Are Still Young Over 50

1-Anil Kapoor

Evergreen Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor has been quoted as saying that he may drink snake blood to stay young.

Anil Kapoor recently became a guest on actor Arbaaz Khan’s show ‘Punch by Arbaaz Khan Season 2’ where he was informed about the opinion of the fans, besides reading social media trolls.

During a segment in Arbaaz Khan’s web show, Anil Kapoor’s fans praised his youth. One fan suggested that Anil Kapoor may drink snake blood to stay young forever.

Another female fan said that maybe Anil Kapoor lives in his house with a plastic surgeon.

After knowing the opinion of the people about himself, Anil Kapoor laughed out loud and said, “Did you give them money and call it all this?”

Arbaaz Khan replied with a smile, “These are ordinary people, they were not given money.”

It should be noted that Anil Kapoor, who has shown the essence of acting in several Bollywood films, is currently 64 years old and his fitness is much appreciated by the fans.

2-Mahnoor Baloch

New pictures of Pakistan’s Sada Bihar actress Mahnoor Baloch are circulating on social media in which she looks more beautiful and young. New pictures of 50-year-old Mahnoor Baloch, one of the most beautiful actresses of Pakistan In which the actress is looking more beautiful and young than before, while in the viral pictures, Mahnoor Baloch is wearing western clothes ie jeans and T-shirt.

In the viral pictures, Mahnoor Baloch is seen revealing the secret of her fitness to the fans in her own way. The secrets are asking.

Discussions of new photos of Mahnoor Baloch on social media.

It should be noted that Mahnoor Baloch was born on July 14, 1970 in Balochistan. The 50-year-old artiste started her showbiz career at the age of 23.

Mahnoor Baloch, who started her career in 1993 with the drama serial ‘Marvi’, has proved her mettle in the field of acting and modeling as well as directing and production. Mahnoor Baloch is the mother of a married daughter but she The daughter’s mother looks less and the friend more.

She looks beautiful and young even after watching 50 springs of life. However, after seeing the pictures of Mahnoor Baloch on social media, the audience does not understand why the effects of aging on Mahnoor Baloch are not becoming clear. Actress Mahnoor Baloch has shown the essence of acting in many dramas and has also acted in films.


Bollywood celebrity and senior actress Rekha has turned 60 years old. On this occasion, she declared love as the secret of her youth.

Sahara Rekha, a Bollywood actress with killer eyes and salty complexion, opened her eyes to a family in Madras on October 10, 1954. She started her acting career in Telugu film at the age of eleven. Appeared in the form of and soon began to rule the film world. Even though she is so old, she looks beautiful, young and attractive. She has finally revealed her secret to her fans. He says that love and simplicity in lifestyle is the secret of his youth.

She said that when she wakes up early in the morning with love for herself in her heart and mind, she does everything for herself with utmost love, she thinks she should truly love her God, her mother and herself because beloved There are also betrayals, but these three things do not betray.

She said that the secret of her youth is that she prefers to live a simple life instead of a luxurious lifestyle. Eat more vegetables and eggs, do yoga and keep your heart and mind free of negative thoughts. He said that it is important if this habit is adopted then not only life becomes easier but also successful life can be lived.



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