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Shahid Afridi Invitation Meal At Farah Yousaf Iqrar Wife Hotel

Shahid Afridi a super star and great cricketer in the history of Pakistan have too much fame and respect all over the Pakistan specially in Karachi.

Shahid Afridi is a brilliant cricketer on Pakistan national cricket team. Recently Shahid Afridi visit the restaurant of a famous journalist, anchorperson, and television representation,s wife and his name is Iqrar Ul Hassan. The name of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s wife is Farah Yousaf. Farah Yousaf is the second wife of a famous anchorperson Iqrar Ul Hassan.

Farah Yousaf is a beautiful and stunning woman. Farah promotes her restaurant business by inviting the famous cricketer Shahid Afridi to her restaurant. They presents much delicious food in front of famous cricketer Shahid Afridi and he enjoyed the meal a lot.

One of the most liberal Pakistani writer, Iqrar-ul-Hassan, is carrying on with a cheerfully hitched existence with his lovely spouse Farah. The two got hitched in 2012 and shares great degree of understanding that makes their relationship more solid. It’s Iqrar’s subsequent marriage yet he is keeping the two his better half cheerful.

Shahid Afridi went to the morning show of renowned morning show have Nida Yasir three years prior. In the exceptional demonstration of Good Morning Pakistan, he conversed with the host on each point identified with him. Also, the show has gotten a large number of perspectives on YouTube.

What’s more, when the host asked how he got hitched to his significant other Nadia Afridi? What is the tale of how your relationship occurred? So Lala addressed this load of things magnificently.

Iqrar ul Hassan who has consistently been of exceptional significance to Pakistanis on account of his courageous news coverage. He is one of those individuals whose admirers force their longings on him as well as invest wholeheartedly in copying him.

Shahid Afridi is a world-renowned cricketer. All-rounder Afridi is renowned for his looks and furthermore for his record-breaking exhibitions who ordinarily got triumph from the adversaries.



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