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Shahid Afridi Shares A Pleasant Messages On His Daughter Birthday

Former national team captain Shahid Afridi shared a loving message on his daughter Ajwa’s birthday.

Former national team captain Shahid Khan Afridi shared photos of his third daughter Ajwa’s birthday on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, which is being appreciated by fans.

Shahid Afridi also shared a loving message on the occasion of his daughter’s birthday.

“Happy birthday to my third daughter and my eye star Ajwa,” he wrote.

Shahid Afridi wrote, “I was very happy to come home on time to spend my birthday with you. I pray to God Almighty to give you every happiness.

The former captain finally expressed his love by praying for his daughter.

Shahid Afridi shared photos of his daughter’s birthday yesterday which have been seen by millions of people so far and prayers are being offered to Ajwa by the fans.

It should be noted that Shahid Afridi is the father of 5 daughters. His youngest daughter Urva celebrated her first birthday on February 15, 2021.

Former national cricket team captain Shahid Afridi has released a beautiful message on the 19th birthday of his eldest daughter Aqsa. He shared a beautiful picture with his daughter and also showed the picture of the cake to the fans.

Shahid Afridi’s 20 years of marriage, beautiful photos goes viral.

The cake reads “Happy Birthday Al-Aqsa” and “19 Years”.

Shahid Afridi wrote in his tweet, “Happy birthday to the dearest person of my life with lots of prayers.”

Shahid Afridi’s message on his daughter’s 19th birthday.

It should be noted that cricketer Shahid Afridi was married to Nadia Shahid in the year 2000. On December 15, 2001, his first daughter Aqsa was born to him. Shahid Afridi has five daughters including Aqsa, Ansha, Ajwa, Asmara and Urva.

Prominent all-rounder Shahid Afridi became the father of his fifth daughter Urva this year. Shahid Afridi shared his happiness with the fans and shared a picture of his daughter on social media. He expressed this good news with a group photo of his four daughters.



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