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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Shahid Afridi’s Daughter Walima Ceremony Pictures

Fans of Shahid Afridi are well aware that he is the father of five daughters. It is an ordinary sight to see his daughters standing at the cricket ground, supporting their father. It is quite surprising how quickly time has passed, as many were unaware that Afridi’s first two daughters, Aqsa & Ansha, have now reached the age of marriage.

Shahid Afridi has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket and has chosen to dedicate his life to charity work. Due to his philanthropic personality, he generously assists the less fortunate and readily accepts invitations for charitable works. Recently, a viral incident on social media involved actress Sanam Jung having $5000 stolen. In response, Shahid Afridi expressed his willingness to provide the funds, showcasing his compassionate & generous nature. This incident serves as a testament to Shahid Afridi’s compassionate character.

On the other hand, Shahid Afridi’s second daughter, Aqsa Afridi, recently got married to Naseer Nasir, and their wedding pictures are rapidly circulating on social media. The ceremony took place in the presence of close relatives & special friends. The wedding was a simple and intimate affair, with only a few guests attending the function, which fans are appreciating and sharing on social media.

In today’s article, we will see the viral pictures of the Walima ceremony that have been circulating on social media following Aqsa Afridi’s wedding. The pics depict Aqsa and her husband Naseer seated on the stage, shining happiness. The wedding ceremony attracted numerous celebrities & Pakistani cricketers, including Shaheen Shah Afridi, who is set to marry Shahid Afridi’s eldest daughter, Ansha, in the near future.

If you wish to view the pictures from Shahid Afridi’s second daughter Aqsa Afridi’s Walima ceremony, please scroll down.

Don’t forget to extend your congratulations to Shahid Afridi’s eldest daughter, Ansha Afridi, on her wedding in the comment section below. We pray to Allah to grant ease & blessings in their new life together. Ameen!



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