Sunday, December 24, 2023

Shahista Lodhi beautiful pics with her husband

Despite being a doctor by profession,This Pakistani girl took the field of hosting in shows,because she was very fond of coming into showbiz since her childhood.Shahista lodhi always wanted to come into showbiz industry but she chose medical science in her teenage.

Just like Bill Gates say that “Never miss an oppurtunity” , i thing Shahista lodhi took or seriously and she never missed the opportunity to come in showbiz industry.Shahista Lodhi is 43 years old born in the year 1977.,she is a television actress and a host.

Beside a host and actress,Shahista is also a skilled doctor for the field in MBBS.Shahista lodhi is hosting morning shows for more then ten years now.Her way of doing natural morning shows is so popular that people never want to miss any episode and they always tune into her morning show.

While most of you may not know that she is the elder sister of Sahir lodhi.He is an actor and a producer also, and these two brother and sister are increasing their demand in the industry day by day and their fam is also increasing.

If we talk about the social media handles of Shahista Lodhi, she has approx “One million” followers on her instagram profile,her fam is increasing day by day because of her skills and her talent.

Even at the age of 43,Shahista lodhi never fails to amaze her with her beauty,she still looks very young and fit as she is 25 years old.The secret of her beauty is very uncommon in most of the people.
She says “People criticise me but i dont listen to them,i listen with one ear and it drops out of my second ear” Such an amazing personality she has.Indeed.

Have you ever seen the husband of Shahista Lodhi who is very handsome and fit.His name is “Adnan lodhi” So lets take a look on the pics of his husband and Shahista lodhi together.



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