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Shahista Lodhi Super Clicks With Her 3rd Husband

Former morning show host Shaista Lodhi says that before the marriage she was looking for a bride for her husband but then the fate changed so much that she got married to Adnan herself.

According to the news agency ‘Online’, Shaista Lodhi, who belongs to the Pakistani showbiz industry, recently participated in an online show and has shared many things about her marriage failure and personal life since her morning show trip. Share with fans.

Calling her second husband Adnan the best man, Shaista Lodhi said, “I feel like I have done something good in my life that I got a husband like Adnan.”

Shaista Lodhi was looking for a bride for her husband.

“Father used to abuse pregnant mother”
Shaista said interestingly about her husband that Adnan was her cousin so her children had no problem adjusting to her other husband but now the issue is that their children are more than them. She is close to her husband.

She also talked about the failure of her first marriage and said that her ex-husband was a very good man and a good father but sometimes it happens that there is no separation between two good people and it is better to separate. So we both parted ways.

Regarding her morning show trip, Shaista said that during the morning show, she often went to her children’s school in the same outfit which made her children very angry.

Shaista Lodhi, a well-known actress of Pakistan showbiz industry and TV host, said about her divorce from her first husband Waqar that sometimes the situation becomes such that it is better to be separated.

Shaista Lodhi recently attended a Ramadan program where she talked about her separation from her first husband Waqar and his death.

Asked about her divorce from Waqar, the actress said, “I look at my divorce from Waqar in a different way. Our beautiful 12-year marriage has given us beautiful children.”

“I’m not saying that only one person is bad in the case of divorce, sometimes there are situations where things are not going well and it’s better to part ways,” he added. That’s what happened.

Shaista Lodhi said that at the time of divorce I said a lot about my relationship which was wrong, maybe our situation would have been better then, I think I should have remained silent, now I am very sorry about that.

Talking about the death of her ex-husband Waqar, Shaista Lodhi said that after the divorce, we both got married. Later, Waqar contracted various diseases and his health deteriorated due to which he lost his life. Lost.

“I still have a very good relationship with my ex-mother-in-law and my children have a good time with their grandparents. I have three mothers,” she said.



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