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Shan Masood Sister Mishoo Passed Away Today

Misho, the sister of Pakistani cricketer Shan Masood, passed away on Saturday as former and current players offered condolences to the left-handed batsman.

Masood posted a picture of his late sister on Twitter, announcing her death with a heartfelt message.

In a tweet, he acknowledged his sister was “the most precious thing in my life” and regretted never saying goodbye.

He added, “I will miss you very much but I know that God has taken you to a better place. Please pray for my sister’s soul. ”

Former Pakistan cricketer and Balochistan coach Faisal Iqbal tweeted his condolences.

Chairman PCB Rameez Raja prayed that God give strength to Masood and his family to bear this trauma.

All-rounder Anwar Ali also offered condolences.

Former Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed and opening batsman Abid Ali both offered condolences on Misho’s death.

In an earlier interview with ESPNcricinfo, Shaun Masood talked about his sister’s illness.

He revealed that Meshu was suffering from a rare chromosomal disorder which had severely affected his development.

“I don’t think there is much awareness in Pakistan about children like my sister,” Masood said. “She is a special child. His physical development is completely fine. She is 30 years old, but mentally she has not made any progress. ”

“She is like a newborn baby. She could not get a dependent visa, she could not go to England and live with my parents, so my parents were so divided that my mother had to move back and forth and my father moved two houses at the same time. Just to make sure my sister is OK.



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