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She is 52 years old but not married and 5 famous actresses who are not married yet

In our country, if a girl reaches the age of 30, people start talking. She has reached such an age. Why haven’t you got married yet? Now, marry any boy you meet, and so on and so forth. But while ordinary girls get married at an older age, there are also actresses who got married at an older age.

But there are some famous actresses who are very old but they are not married yet and are criticized by people one day, but there are also some who are liked by people. Today in this feature of our web we are going to show you some of the actresses who are still unmarried.


Pakistani actress Reshma is 52 years old and is not married yet. She is a famous actress of the past and even today people like her acting and accent.

Tara Mahmood:

Actress Tara Mehmood, who is 38 years old and also the daughter of Shafqat Mehmood, is also not married yet. However, it is expected that they will get married soon.

Maria Wasti:

Actress Maria Wasti is 40 years old but she is not married yet. If you look at the difference between the dramas that aired in the past and the dramas that are coming now, they have changed a lot. Her fans are as curious about her marriage today as they were before


Actress Nirma is 46 years old. She was a famous model and beautiful actress in the past. She still appears in many fashion shows. She has not chosen a companion yet.

Zara Sheikh:

Actress Zara Sheikh is 43 years old. She is also a beautiful model. She is not married till today. Which amazes people.

Mehwish Hayat:

Mehwish Hayat is 33 years old and some time ago it was reported that he liked Bilawal Bhutto, but this was just a rumor and so far no news about his marriage and groom is clear. Has not appeared.



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