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Showbiz Star Mansha Pasha Needs Your Prayers

Leading actress and model of Pakistan film and TV industry Mansha Pasha appealed to the fans to pray for her health. Mansha Pasha shared a special story on her verified Instagram account to inform her fans about her health. ۔

“She has been very ill for the last 10 days and now she is slowly recovering,” the actress said in her Instagram story. “I am thankful to my family on this occasion who took care of me and brought me back.” “Please pray that I get well soon,” Mansha Pasha appealed to his fans.

It may be recalled that this year actress Mansha Pasha and renowned social activist Jibran Nasir were quietly married and her pictures went viral on social media.

The couple’s engagement ceremony was held at a local hotel in Karachi and was attended by close relatives of the two, including showbiz artists.

Actress Mansha Pasha has said that she has been ill for the last 10 days and at the same time she appealed to the fans to pray for her speedy and complete recovery.

Although the actress confirmed her ‘illness’ in her Instagram story, she did not explain what illness or problem she is suffering from.

According to Mansha Pasha, she has been in pain for several days, but now she is slowly recovering, but she is still not fully recovered.

The actress reported her illness on September 22; screenshot

He thanked all those who took care of him during his illness, including his family and medical staff.

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The actress also did not specify whether she is at home or in the hospital. She did not use the hashtag of any disease in her post.

Her fans were upset when the actress reported her illness and prayed for her speedy recovery.

If you look at Mansha Pasha’s Instagram, he shared the last photo on it on September 12 this month, 10 days ago. Two days before that, he also shared his photo in a red dress.

Mansha Pasha is active on social media and keeps her fans informed about her engagements from time to time.

The actress’ husband, social leader Muhammad Jibran Nasir, also did not post anything about his wife’s illness.

The actress and Gibran Nasir were simply married in April this year and have been in a relationship for a few years.



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