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Showbiz Stars Ali Ansari Telling Struggling Moments Of Life

Actress Maryam Ansari has tied the knot with Owais Khan, son of former captain Moin Khan.

Photos of Owais Khan, the eldest son of former national team captain Moin Khan, are going viral on a social networking site. Owais Khan married actress Maryam Ansari, sister of renowned Pakistani actor Ali Ansari, while celebrities and showbiz and cricket personalities, including relatives and friends, attended the ceremony.

In the pictures, it can be seen that actress Maryam Ansari is wearing a light pink wedding dress and Owais Khan is wearing cream colored pajamas and a vest coat.

It should be noted that Maryam Ansari is an emerging actress of Pakistan showbiz industry and she has so far acted in drama serials “Dil Lagi”, “Romeo Weds Heer”, “Sasral Meera” and “Tere Mere Beach”. The essence has been shown.

By the way, fans are known for their unique style, acting or talent. Fans are always attracted to fans.

In this news of our web, we will tell you about the drama actor Ali Ansari, how much he loves his mother, some information about his life that you may not know.

Ali Ansari has generally been seen showing the essence of acting in Pakistani dramas. Ali has also appeared in leading roles while he has also played the role of brother in many dramas. Ali’s performance has been well-received by audiences, including fans, which is why he is now part of popular Pakistani dramas.

Ali’s mother Tehmina Ansari says that Ali is the apple of my eye, I cannot live without him. “Ali is very important to me, I love him very much,” she says.

Ali Ansari’s father has recently passed away and Ali and his mother are deeply saddened, but both mother and son are supporting each other on the death of their father. Ali’s mother says that the death of Ali’s father is a great loss. He was a very good man. He used to say that Ali is a child of unique and positive thinking. We get energy from Ali.

Ali’s mother says that Ali loves cleanliness, while Ali is very angry. He further added that Ali’s father wanted him to be a good man at heart and could rarely do any harm to anyone.

Ali says the father had arranged a relationship with his sister Maryam before his death, which was with Owais, the son of former cricketer Moin Khan. It was the last event with Dad that was great, and he took pictures at the same event. Ali says that his father had told his mother before he left that he would teach Maryam’s marriage himself. People told us to go ahead with history, but it was my father’s wish.

Regarding Ali’s marriage, his mother says, “I wish my daughter-in-law had some of the qualities that a domestic and modern daughter-in-law has.” That is, she knows how to take care of the house and the household, she knows how to take care of the family and relationships. While I want a medium color graduate girl.

The mother says that Ali had done a drama in which he liked the character of Sira in which he was Danish. Ali’s mother likes such roles while her mother says about the disliked character that I don’t want Ali to play the role of Chhallawa, I didn’t like it at all.

Regarding Madiha Imam, Tehmina Ansari says, “I like Madiha Imam very much. I appreciate Madiha’s acting and abilities.” “I like Ali and Madiha’s acting the most when they appear on screen together,” she says. Ali Ansari has his own salon where he comes every week. Beard, hair, mustache, nails and beauty.

“I was very close to my father. He considered me his friend and I did not hide anything from him. I was shocked and broke when I heard that my father was on the ventilator.” Moved. I could not even think.



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