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Showbiz Stars who got pregnant at early age

1.Saira Yousif
Saira Yousif is a leading Pakistani actress of Pakistan drama and showbiz industry.She is gifted with immense beauty and talent.

Saira Yousif is 33 years old in 2021 and she got pregnant at a very early age with her ex husband Shahzor Sabzari.Saira Yousif has a daughter named Noor which was turned six in 2021 it means that she got pregnant in the year 2015 or 2014 at the age 25 or 26.
Saira yousif has posted a message on her instagram with a collage in which one is her daughter and other is the pic of a cake.

2.Hira Mani
Hira Mani is a emerging talent of Pakistan with so much fans,she recently played a role in Mere Pas Tum Ho.

Hira Mani said that she got pregnant at a very young age,19 years old and tho she always grew up with children.Hira Mani recently said in a viral interview about her marriage life,she further said that she gave birth to her son when she was only 20 years old.Her son was 1 year old when she was only 21.It is clear that she got married at 2008 and the couple had two childs.

3.Ayeza Khan
Ayeza Khan and Danish taimoor are the most loved and well known couple in the showbiz industry.Ayeza Khan is becoming famous day after day because of her immense talent.
They celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary in august.In appreciation Ayeza khan wrote that “Today is the day my all stars came together”.

4.Aiman Muneeb
Actress Aiman Muneeb recently said that motherhood is very heart touching and beautiful thing.Aiman Muneeb also said that being a mother is not an easy task and raising children in more difficult than that.Aiman Khan posted a pic on instagram to thank all the people who wished the couple for baby.Now her daughter is two years old.

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