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Showbiz Superstar Feroz Khan Pictures With Family

Feroz Khan born on 11 July 1990 is a Pakistani actor, model and former video jockey. Born in Quetta, she started her career as a VJ on ARY Music and then became a model. He made his debut as a television actor in the 2014 television series, Shut Up. He stepped into Lollywood with Sajjal Ali from Anjum Shehzad’s film Zindagi Katni Hussain Hai. The film was released on September 13, 2016.

He added that “when the real love is not understood from the creatures, then it is known what true love is.”

Later in the interview, Dua Malik was asked that many people also say that when you people leave showbiz, how will you make a living?

In response to this question, Dua Malik says, “As Maula Ali has said, live like a bird that does not sleep at night with a grain of grain in its mouth for the next day and how does Allah keep this bird alive? Yes, we will live like this bird.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, former actor Feroz Khan had said in a message on a social networking site that “my fans were waiting for my statement in this regard. I am announcing my withdrawal from the showbiz industry.”

Earlier, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi was quoted as saying that he has left the showbiz industry. However, Hamza Ali Abbasi had clarified that ” Hafiz Hafiz, “No, I want to give the message of religion, Islam and God to the people and I will use all media and social media, including TV, to talk about it.”



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