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Shumaila Telling Real Story Behind Separation

By the way, there are many couples in the world who look very happy together and their videos are very popular on social media.

There was a similar pair of Hassam and Shumaila whom everyone was jealous of. A video of Hassam and Shumaila went viral last year, in which the husband, wife and child are in the car, while the husband is asking his wife for some money, to which the wife is responding in a loving manner. But now the couple is on the verge of a divorce.

Maybe it was someone’s eye, then the distance between the couple has increased and now it is time for divorce. Hassam had made a formal statement regarding the distance between Hassam and Shumaila, but no statement was made by Shumaila’s wife.

But now Shumaila has also spoken. Shumaila’s position has come to the fore in the pictures posted by FHM Pakistan. Shumaila says that I have always separated my professional and personal life.

I never wanted to take things out of my house, but since my daughter’s father did, I have to answer these allegations.

Hassam was a blogger, and he wanted to do V-logging, so we started creating family content, at that time he had only 500 followers. Regarding hijab, Shumaila says that hijab has never been a problem. I don’t wear hijab often. And I didn’t wear hijab in our pre-wedding photo shoot either.

If they had a problem with hijab, they would also speak in pre-wedding photo shoot. They took on the responsibility of paying for my education, but only a few months later, they refused to pay. They even took 90% of my earnings themselves.

Shumaila says that Hassam used to say, why don’t we make money from your face. “They wanted me to bear that shit and make money,” Shumaila alleged. I was willing to pay but I could not bear the humiliation. Everything he has today belongs to his father. Shumaila has written a big accusation against her husband that a member of his family had harassed him, which I mentioned to Hassam but he started laughing and instead of protecting me I became helpless. ۔

Regarding the family, Shumaila writes that Hassam’s family wants to divorce me, but he wants to divorce me so that he can take more money. Hassam kicked me out of the house at 2am, I was forced to live in the studio we rented to make videos. I asked Hassam to stay with me and he humiliated me.

The man who could not save his wife from harassment and what will save his daughter. People humiliated me, threw cans of juice at me. I had my daughter with me at that time, in this situation you can imagine what I would have gone through. Because of my husband’s drama, I had to listen to people’s negative talk, my eyes were feeling insecure.



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