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Silah Yasir Daugter Of Nida Yasir Info

Nida Yasir is a well known TV host who is known all over Pakistan for her hosting. Audiences watching on TV screens have been watching them on television for many years.

Nida Yasir’s daughter, Silah Yasir, appears with him at most family functions. In addition, Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz always go on holiday trips with their children.

Silah Yasir had played the role of the daughter of actor Syed Jibran in the popular drama serial Chip Raho and her cousins ​​had also acted with Silah in this drama. Shut up drama was also made by Yasir Nawaz, the father of Salah. In addition, Salah Yasir is also getting her education.

Nida Yasir, the TV host and actress of the famous Morning Show, has expressed regret over the mistake of wearing her daughter’s friend’s dress during the show.

According to details, Nida Yasir recently said that there is a clear space in my house where my team keeps all my designer dresses and I wear these clothes during the show. The designer’s name is then revealed to the show’s audience.
Speaking on the TV show, Nida Yasir said, “Yesterday I wore a beautiful black dress but neither I nor my team knew the name of the designer of this couple.”

And we didn’t tell anyone during the TV show.
Leading actress and host Nida Yasir said, “My team suggested that I post a picture of the couple on Instagram and ask for the designer’s name, but when I posted the picture, I was told that I had lost a lot of weight.”

TV host Nida Yasir said that I was also told that I looked very beautiful in this black couple but no one mentioned the name of the designer. The next moment my daughter came and asked What dress did you wear to the show?

Host Nida Yasir said, “I told her I don’t know the name of the designer of this dress.” Then my daughter said that these were her friend’s clothes which she had borrowed from a friend at the wedding.

Coincidentally, Nida Yasir’s daughter lost her clothes and reached Nida Yasir’s wardrobe. Well known TV host says I was so embarrassed that I wore my daughter’s friend’s dress? But I was also happy that I got a girl’s dress.



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