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Social Media Famous Couple Hit Love Story

Most people have heard that couples are formed in the heavens. There are many couples who embrace love and affection without fear of the curse of age. Because in order to live life, you don’t have to have a heart.

In this news of our web we will also tell you about two such hearts who have chosen their spouse regardless of age.

Niaz Sahib, from Kamunki in Punjab, has married his youngest wife for many years to make a living. Niaz Sahib of Kamonki is 78 years old, while a woman named Kulsoom is 32 years old. Niaz Sahib and Kulsoom are so close to each other and understand each other that they do not listen to anyone’s negative talk.

In an interview with the famous YouTuber Basit Ali, Niaz Sahib said that I lived alone, and in this solitude I used to do everything myself, cook my own food, and take care of myself if I got sick. ۔

Niaz Sahib says that Kulsoom used to live in his neighborhood while Kulsoom said that when I did not see him for many days, I went to his house to ask for his well-being and then I found out that he was ill. He also took care of the food and cooked and served it. Niaz Sahib said that marriage is Sunnah and I have followed the Sunnah. When she came to my house, she took care of me, cooked for me, she was my feeling.

While Kulsoom said that our life is going very happily, Niaz cooks and I feed them. Our lives are going very well, they care about me a lot, just like a father cares. Responding to Kulsoom’s statement, Niaz Sahib said, “Look, she is making me a father.

The marriage will break up.” But then Niaz Sahib said amusingly that let’s not be the father of children. Regarding loving each other, Niaz says, “I love her so much that I have sacrificed my 80 years of love for Kulsoom.” But Kulsoom’s wife says that’s the way it is, but they don’t.

They take care of my needs, they put whatever I need in front of me before I speak. If I look at something, they buy it. Niaz Sahib says that Shaan is 10 years older than me. Kulsoom says that they are very romantic, they also sing for me. Kulsoom thinks that even though he is older, our life is going well. Whenever I get angry, he celebrates me, he sings me songs on the radio.

Niaz Sahib says that I was very patient for my spouse, but Allah Almighty accepted my prayer and now I am worried that I will not go somewhere first. Kulsoom says that marriage is necessary, it is not right to live without marriage, society also makes things and Islam does not allow it, for me actor Shaan and Muammar Rana are my husband. The couple also sang a song for each other that Kulsoom was ashamed of.

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