Sofia Khan AKA Fia Khan Blessed With Baby Girl

Congratulations to model Fia Khan and her husband Tolga Erken on the birth of their baby girl! Their daughter was born on August 2nd, 2022, and the couple is already smitten with her.

Sofia Khan , well known as Fia, is a popular Pakistani model based in Lahore. She has only been in Lahore for about 2 years, previously lived in Germany, but has made a name for herself in short time due to her talent. Fia has worked with all the top designers in Pakistan having done more than 80 fashion shows and over 50 photo shoots.

Fia is also a brilliant host and actress. She has acted in at least 4 TV serials and 5 TV commercials. Many may not know but she has also acted in German feature film called “September”. Currently she is hosting a show for Style 360. She has one daughter, Aliya, whom she has done few shoots with. Aliya seems to be a model in making. It won’t be a surprise if she follows in her mother’s footsteps. In coming years you’ll be hearing more of Fia not only in Pakistan but abroad as well.

Pakistani fashion model Fia has moved to Pakistan few years back. She has got the prominent position in Pakistani fashion industry in very short span of time. Fia, also known as Sofia Khan, has worked with all the top notch fashion designers of Pakistan like Nelofer Shahid, Nomi Ansari, Kamiar Rokni, and Amar Belal. She has done more than eight fashion shows and more than fifty shoots. Fashion model Fia is considered best model for bridal wears. She says:

‘I think every Pakistani model looks nice in a bridal dress. We are desi! We know our culture and traditions! We are the only ones who can carry these dresses with grace.’

Well, it’s becoming a trend to announce your pregnancy through pregnancy photoshoots. Sometimes it’s something that really strikes the audience and it comes out to get a positive response but what if you go naked to announce your pregnancy and especially when you are a Muslim? Yeah! exactly trolling, criticism, mocking, backlash all these would be in your fate. How could you even expect to gather appreciation? How can you make people shut their mouths?

Sofia Khan, a renowned model in Pakistani fashion industry, recently put social media on fire for her unbelievable and unacceptable pregnancy photoshoot. No Pakistani celebrity would have gone to that extent. Sofia Khan dropped her pregnancy pictures with such a proud caption. She stated that it’s just a myth that you have difficulties in getting pregnant when reach 40’s, she further added that she’s 40 and is pregnant. She is literally proud of it.

Mum-to-be is wearing an extremely absurd and disgusting attire and unapologetically posting these on her social media platforms. People’s outrageous reaction is what she’s deserving for this post. People are of the view that this is not a way to break the news of your pregnancy. She has crossed every limit in excitement and it’s totally unacceptable. One social media user called her jahanumi on which Sofia came forward to rescue herself.

She asked her followers to not to follow her if they are having any problems with her content. She refrained people from judging her akhirat. It’s all her fault, it’s only she who intentionally had landed herself in hot water. On the other hand, big names like Minal Khan, Areeba Habib, and Mathira also congratulated the model.

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