Friday, December 29, 2023

Sohai Ali Abro Marriage Ceremony Photos With Husband And Guests

Actress Sohai Ali Abro, who has acted in films like ‘Motorcycle Girl’, ‘Rang Numar’ and ‘Jawani Phar Ni Aani’, quietly married cricketer Shehzar Mohammad.

Sohai Ali Abro is famous for his bold performances and songs in films. His first film ‘Anjuman’ was released in 2013 which was a remake of the popular film of the past.

Sohai Ali Abro started her career as a model, after which she started acting in dramas and her first drama ‘Man Jalli’ was released in 2012.

So far, Sohai Ali Abro has acted in more than 2 dozen dramas and half a dozen films and has received awards for her performances.

Sohaye Ali Abro’s last drama ‘Prem Gali’ was released last year and at that time the actress was busy shooting for some TV and film projects but she suddenly got married and surprised everyone.

Regarding the wedding of Sohaye Ali Abro and Shehzar Mohammad, actor Humayun Saeed shared a photo of their wedding ceremony, in which the actress can be seen in a wedding dress with the groom.

Humayun Saeed congratulated Sohai Ali Abro and Shehzar Mohammad on starting a new life and wished them well.

After Humayun Saeed’s marriage to Sohai Ali Abri was posted, his marriage was also posted on other social media accounts.

Surprisingly, the actress herself and her fianc Shehzar Mohammad did not post about the wedding till the morning of March 22.

The couple’s wedding photos went viral on social media; photo: Instagram
Humayun Saeed shared a post about their marriage between the nights of March 21 and 22, but it is not clear when they got married.

Sohaye Ali Abro’s husband Shehzar Mohammad is a first class cricketer and he is the son of cricketer Shoaib Mohammad and grandson of Maya Naz cricketer Hanif Mohammad.



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