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Some 90s stars who suddenly disappeared from screens

The black and white songs,movies,talks,It was the life with full simplicity.No any racism,no any bad comments about anyone,everybody happy with their lives enjoying their lives.
Yes we are talking about the era of 90’s.

The time of 90’s was a golden era.Everybody was honest and they all worked together without any competition,now it seems like it is a race going on between stars and celebrities.
Who does not miss the 90’s era if they have ever experienced it physically.

90’s was a very amazing period for Pakistan Showbiz Industry.At that time the industry featured and met some truly talented and beautiful people who can never fade from the hearts of people,because of their talent.

Many of the stars have got massive success in the showbiz industry in 90’s era.Some of them suddenly disappeared from the screens so lets have a look on them and lets know where are they living now.

1.Aaminah Haq
Aaminah Haq was and is still considered as one of the top old models from Pakistan fashion industry.Apart from modelling,Aaminah is also a television presenter and has many TV plays such as Mehndi and Chandi Ratein.

Aaminah Haq,Once a renowned model and actress disappeared from the limelight and screens after marrying fashion designer Ammar Belal in the year 2009.She was born in the year 1973 and is 43 years old now and lives happily with family and in laws in abroad.

2.Wajiha Tahir
Wahiha Tahir is also a model and television presenter of Pakistan Showbiz Industry.She has worked in many hit TV plays and drama serials,her famous drama serial from the 90’s is Shashlik in which she played the role as Chunni.She has also worked with her husband in many hit drama serials.

Some of her most adorable and amazing performances were in dramas such as Guroor,Junoon mein jitni bhi guzri.She has not appeared in TV screens for many time but she is showing her interest of returning back to it.

3.Shehnaz Shaikh
Shehnaz Shaikh was a very famous Pakistani host,model and actress in the 1990’s.She also worked as a theatre director.Some of her blockbuster dramas are Tanhaiyan and Ankahi.Shehnaz Shaikh left the showbiz industry in the mid of 90’s and is considered as retired from the time.

4.Tariq Abro
Tariq Alam Abro was a sindhi novelist,short story author and a playwright.Tariq abro is one of the most memorable and loved actor from 90’s which we cannot forget.
Tariq abro got momentum from the drama serial Kollege Jeans and he appreciated the love and affection he got after his massive success.

Unfortunately Tariq Abro died in the year 2011 from liver and kidney failure.

Let us know in the comment section that which actor we have missed.

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